Ares came into the shelter as a stray, with several obvious medical conditions. Upon exam, it was determined he was at least 10 years old. He was immediately started on medication to keep him comfortable. He spent most of his days as an office dog, napping, soaking up the attention, and sharing everyone’s lunch.

As soon as his stray hold was up, we brought him home to be in a home, with a family. He quickly learned where the grill was and loved sitting at the grill, waiting for something to fall. He slept on the couch, snuggled with his foster mom, ate chicken nuggets, and spent time outside roaming the yard and peeing on everything in sight… every boy dog’s dream.

We try to give these senior and medically fragile dogs special moments, depending on what they are up to. We are grateful for such compassionate shelter staff who make sure these dogs are given an opportunity to have a family, no matter how briefly.

We loved you Ares, even if it was only for a few days. ❤️🌈