Success looks different for every dog.  Nine year old Rocky is the perfect example of success not always being the expected happy outcome.

Rocky came into the shelter severely underweight with scabies. Everyone expected him to start gaining weight with proper nutrition and TLC. After his contagious period he went to Nichole’s for a few days, but he wasn’t the best fit with her pack. Colleen stepped in and fostered him to help fatten him up. His health continued to be unstable and he was rushed back to the vet on a Saturday morning.

We decided the best spot for him was the shelter, where he was happy as could be, with his own little play yard. We were thinking a little stability would be good for him. He knew our voices and would start dancing in his kennel when he saw us. We would open the door and he would walk right down the hall.

We noticed he was losing weight again, despite his IBD being more under control. We kept saying “If he isn’t going to recover, I hope he gives us a sign”.  One day Nichole’s husband was walking him and he collapsed. It was our sign.

We adopted him, took him home and he spent the night snuggling with Nichole. They spent the next morning doing all of his favorite things before he crossed the Rainbow Bridge, surrounded by Nichole, Colleen, Mike, and Dr. Fox who had been caring for him since day one.